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Participate on one of our projects

Some of our projects, events and courses are open to all, but we target the majority at specific groups, in partnership with delivery partners such as prisons, day centres, and secure hospitals. You can check out our upcoming courses and events on the Latest news page. Or, why not contact us with your specific query?

We’re keen to discover where there is a need for more of our work, and we can explore options for resourcing a new project in your area. We’ll also try to recommend alternative groups near to you.

Book us in to run your team-building day

We run corporate team-building workshops tailored to companies’ specific needs. Might you and your colleagues be interested in:

  • Learning to play a Javanese Gamelan orchestra from scratch
  • Going from complete beginner to concert performer in one day
  • Trying your hand at composing, improvising and conducting?

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Host a project

If you support people with complex needs in challenging circumstances through your work, why not think about hosting a Good Vibrations course? Our courses are proven to have a positive impact on participants’:

  • Team-working and communication skills
  • Motivation to engage with education and purposeful activities
  • Relationships with others
  • Self-esteem

Find out more about bringing Good Vibrations to your workplace