What Others Say

Evidence about the success of Good Vibrations is very strong and comes from a wide variety of sources. However, some of the most compelling arguments advocating our work come from people who have taken part.

What Participants Say

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"If I reach nowhere else, never go further than this then I am happy. I have learned to let go, I went somewhere deeper/higher than I've ever been before - an unknown level - it's spiritual. It's been an emotional journey, shared."

"I'm more positive in myself - more confident - it was only a week's course but it done a lot for me."

"It makes me feel like a better person because I am doing something productive."

"We are having to listen to each other and give each other space, make sure everyone's included - you can apply this to the outside world, needing to be co-operative with everyone."

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What Prison Governers & other staff say

"GV deliver an accessible, communal form of music, everyone comes to it on a level playing field, and we want and GV encourage our young men to take responsibility to lead where they are able and listen to those around them. A recovery wing is a team and GV support that notion in a real and practical way. In addition the sounds are soothing and calming, very helpful in a noisy prison wing! GV always present and engage in a positive manner, working with us to overcome issues in a non critical and supportive manner, teams demonstrate professionalism, care, and sensitivity."
Prison Head of Reducing Reoffending

"I don't do treats for cheats. If I didn't believe this (Good Vibrations) was about reducing re-offending, I wouldn't be doing it."
Prison Governor

"I met some of the prisoners on their way back to the wing. I'll never forget how positive and excited they were."
Prison Governor

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What Researchers Say

"Participants experience sustained positive, emotional, psychological, and behavioural improvements"
- Continuing Positive Change, Birmingham City University

"Good Vibrations gets prisoners into the education department, many of whom would never have considered enrolling on basic maths or English, and as such, for many of those who participate, the project acts as a gateway to other learning."
- Breaking Down The Walls, University of Central England

"(Good Vibrations) encourages prisoners who have been isolated, to develop social and group skills and in doing so have the ability to also facilitate changes to thinking and behaviour."
- All Together Now, Cambridge University's Institute of Criminology

"The key findings from this research suggest that six months after completing a Good Vibrations project participants experienced greater levels of engagement and an increased openness to wider learning...
- Promoting Positive Change, Birmingham City University

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