Staff & governors

"I hoped the project would go well but it exceeded expectations. The successful completion was a major achievement for some men."
Head of Learning and

"There was a real sense of being part of something good - a feeling which most of our boys will have experienced for the first time in their lives."
Learning & Skills Manager

"It is quite incredible how these guys have worked and what they have achieved this week."

"The project produced an effect and result beyond my wildest dreams."
Education Manager

"Gamelan is the best project we have here. It's a foundation for prisoners who are the most vulnerable or unwilling to take part in anything else."
Senior Officer

"It provides positive social interaction between prisoners - they start to talk to each other, and it promotes their self-esteem."
Safer Custody Officer

"It is an alternative way of learning."
Key Skills tutor

"The prisoners were incredibly positive, thought it was a very positive experience and felt very supported. Some of the most hardened cynics completely transformed and want to get involved in other things."
Area Drugs Co-ordinator

"All the group benefited from the project in various ways. Most will go on to complete Key Skills and Social & Life Skills qualifications"
Education Manager

"Gamelan is a great leveller. We all sit, we listen to each other, no one is more important, we work together. These are life skills most prisoners have never learnt, and they may help prepare them for the future"
Key Skills tutor

"All the participants are now enrolling for further educational projects or classes"
Head of Learning and Skills

"I was the most cynical person involved in the project and I am now the most convinced of the benefits"
secure hospital nursing staff

"Patients who are reticent to socialise seemed to blossom in this atmosphere"
secure hospital senior nursing staff

"Disturbed patients became calm in this environment"
secure hospital senior nursing staff

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