We are evolving

Over the years we have worked with over 8000 vulnerable people, successfully using music to help them connect, grow and thrive. But to get the best outcomes for participants, Good Vibrations needs to connect, grow and thrive too. Over the next 3 years we will focus on our own learning and development to refine our working model, test ideas, carry out research & development and scrutinise outcomes.

We plan to:


  • Work closely with Young Offender Institutions and secure hospitals to adapt and develop our approach to better suit young people
  • Focus our prison work on women, young people and the families of offenders
  • Work with Cambridge University “Inspiring Futures” national research project to investigate the impact of the arts on desistance from crime
  • Launch Resonate Nottingham community music project, with weekly gamelan sessions and 4 intensive weeks a year, incorporating dance and puppetry
  • With 4 new facilitators already on board, we will develop team capacity, cohesion & confidence, through training, collaboration & reflective practice
  • Carry out an Artist Care action research project with Music In Detention, Irene Taylor Trust and the Royal Northern College of Music
  • Relaunch our Keep-In-Touch progression programme, creating better follow-up support and long-term impact
  • Develop Beyond Performance mixed-art-form course, a forum for artistic experimentation, professional development and genre crossing improvisation
  • Improve our long-term impact strategy to make sure our work changes lives for the better into the future
  • Plan, test and develop a strategy for new work with people with dementia
  • Increase diversity throughout the organisation
  • Create more opportunities for cross-sector experimentation, research and learning

We plan to achieve all this and a significant uplift in the number of projects and participants. By 2022 we aim to double the number of vulnerable people we reach to 1500 per year, and we want to make sure we have the knowledge, strength and resources to provide the very best opportunities and support for each one of them.