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Good Vibrations at Lincoln Prison last week

Very positive feedback last week from men and staff at Lincoln Prison.  Recently the subject of an unfavourable report by the inspectorate, the prison is putting in place many new measures to ensure a decent and rehabilitative regime, including booking Good Vibrations for the first time!

“I’m usually a solitary person.  And in here it’s usually dog eat dog.  With this, there’s been lads off different wings, we’ve been mixing.  That doesn’t usually happen in here.”

“I’ve got a bond with people that I don’t normally talk to.  On the wing we just walk past people every single day.  But now I’ve got into conversations about gamelan: “what are you doing in the chapel every day?” and I’ve been telling people.  And some are interested, and some aren’t.  But it’s got me talking to people I’ve never talked to before.”

“I’ve learnt about being patient with others, listening to what others have got to say and finding common ground.”

“It’s an addition to my meds [methadone].  No, it’s better than that.  I float back onto the wing – it feels like I’ve been meditating.  After the sessions I feel calm and chilled on the wing.”

“I feel like I’ve achieved something good”

“I’ve felt happier on the wing, relaxed.  I’ve been playing the tunes in my head.  I’ve felt like I’m not in jail, that I’m just getting on with my day.”

“It’s not the sort of music I would ever think of listening to.  When I get out of here, I will google it and listen to it.  And maybe join in, in the future.”

“When we all came together in the music, it sounded surreal, not like in a jail, like we’re somewhere else completely.”

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