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Our courses aren’t just about supporting people to develop their team working skills. They are also about creating exciting, high-quality, new music.

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‘Sharing Good Vibrations’ is a celebration of some of the very best music and poetry created by people on Good Vibrations projects in prisons, secure hospitals and in the community, and by our team of advisors and music facilitators. It includes a vibrant, joyous mix of gamelan, blues, folk, electronic experimentation, spoken word, and musical collaboration.

Several of the tracks were created in collaboration remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown, and provided an opportunity to communicate and create together at a time of extreme isolation. Music really does bring people together in difficult times.

You can buy it as a CD for £9 or as a digital album for £7 here. We hope you enjoy it!




Have a listen to some gamelan music our participants have made:

And tracks they’ve made using acoustic instruments and technology:

Some of the music our participants have made is Koestler-Award winning: