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Our response to the Ministry of Justice’s Green Paper “Breaking the Cycle”

Last week we submitted our response to the MoJ’s Green Paper on the future of prison rehabilitation.  Good Vibrations welcomes the Green Paper and its clear intention to focus on effective ways of rehabiltating prisoners and therefore bring down the huge costs to society of repeat offending.  However, we are concerned that current budget cuts, and the resulting prison staffing cuts and lack of resources to book and host projects like ours, may threaten the existence of many small, niche providers of effective projects – the very projects that will be needed to realise the MoJ’s vision.  We are also concerned that as the MoJ develops its plans and processes it does not exclude small providers like Good Vibrations, but on the contrary facilitates them and ensures their inclusion.  Read our full response here.  – Cathy, 8 March 2011