Sharing good vibrations

Due to covid-19 most of our music projects in prisons, secure hospitals and the community have been on hold. We have started small scale face-to-face work again in three settings and hope to do more soon. Meanwhile, we’ve worked with participants, our team and supporters to create innovative, thought-provoking and entertaining online activities, radio and TV, to help people stay well and creative. Click an image to have a closer look.
Montage form EB video

Eternity Bleeps live video improvisation of Gamelan Playground by Emily Crossland on YouTube.

A chill out mix of gamelan music and relaxation techniques

‘Locked Down’ –  facilitator, Emily Crossland, explores the experience of lockdown through a remix of a Resonate project piece, ‘Round The Corner’.

It’s amazing what you can create in your own kitchen! Watch Alan play the kitchen gamelan with everyday household items

7 short video textures – sand, trees, water, light – with music. We invite you to create a response – musical, visual, arts or dance. Email it to us and we’ll share it.

Gamelan: an introduction – a short video giving a lovely, simple introduction to these fabulous instruments

A fascinating mix of interviews set against a backdrop of beautiful gamelan music created by past participants

‘A Good Vibration’ – past participant, Errol McGlashan, performs his poem inspired by gamelan

A sonic journey through the world of Indonesian gamelan

Gamelan Playground – a fun, interactive way to create your own unique gamelan music using a set of 16 pre-recorded sounds.

A series of ‘Musical Consequences’ where you can contribute musical layers over a base track, to be remixed and shared by us

Four online, interactive music-making workshops, inspired by gamelan and samba

Village Vegetable Gamelan – a video to encourage gamelan-inspired creativity. A gamelan made entirely of vegetables – fun and delicious to eat afterwards!

Javanese Wayang Puppetry  – a short film about Indonesian shadow puppetry and how it’s been used in Good Vibrations projects

Kitchen Gamelan – an amazing lockdown performance of a traditional gamelan piece using pans, glasses and a bucket!

Shurangama – a fantastic gamelan track from our Resonate Nottingham sessions.


We are supporting current and past participants through:

  • Being a friendly, familiar voice, checking in on how they are doing through calls and letters.
  • Offering support through our Keep in Touch programme, identifying any help we can give in relation to progression or practical barriers in their way.
  • Letting them know about a wide range of support that Good Vibrations and other organisations offer, with help to access it if needed.

We are also using this time to

  • Work collaboratively with peer organisations – learning from each other, sharing best practice, initiating exciting new projects, and supporting each other.
  • Develop engaging communications materials that help people better understand what we do, what gamelan is, and which engage participants’ family in our work.

We’re very pleased to be working face-to-face again with very small groups/individuals at three locations:

  • Bethlem Royal Hospital, London
  • HMP Wormwood Scrubs Inpatient Unit
  • With a community group in Nottingham as part of our Resonate project

These are small steps, but important for those taking part, many of whom have been extremely isolated for many weeks. We look forward to increasing our face-to-face work as conditions and safety allow, and supporting more vulnerable people in person.

Each month, we compile a list of interesting and useful activities and support services to help you through the pandemic. From money advice, to online music workshops, helplines to arts courses, we hope there’s something for everyone.
Here’s our August list. 
And here are our recommendations from April,  May,  June and July too.