Sharing good vibrations

For a while, because of the coronavirus pandemic, our usual music projects in prisons, secure hospitals and the community will be on hold. Instead, we’re running a selection of alternative activities to help people stay well and creative during this difficult time … Find out more below.

We’re working with our participants, team, supporters and the public to create different, thought-provoking and enjoyable online, radio and TV content, made up of:

  • Music created on our projects, through online Good Vibrations lock-down collaborations, by other gamelan musicians, and by our past-participants.
  • Discussion, debate and information relating to our work, purpose, approach, values, and the people we work with.
  • Challenges and competitions that stimulate creativity, collaboration and critical reflection.

We are endeavouring to be a regular point of contact for participants and past-participants, to see how they are doing and to ask if we can help them, through:

  • Being a friendly, familiar voice, checking in on how they are doing, through calls/letters as appropriate to where they are.
  • Offering support through our Keep in Touch programme, identifying any help we can give in relation to progression or practical barriers in their way.
  • Letting them know about pandemic lock-down support that we and others are running so they can get involved and benefit from it.

We are also using this time to:

  • Work collaboratively with peer organisations learning from each other, sharing best practice, initiating exciting new projects, and supporting each other.
  • Develop engaging communications materials that help people better understand what we do, what gamelan is, and which engage participants’ family in our work.

Each month, we’re compiling a list of some of our the most interesting and useful activities and support services we’ve seen during the pandemic. Here’s our May listFrom money advice, to gong baths, to helplines, to online arts courses, we hope there’s something for everyone.

And here are our recommendations from April too!