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Some typical feedback from a Good Vibrations group…

Some great feedback from the Good Vibrations group at Dovegate Prison last week, a good summary of what Good Vibrations is all about….

‎”I’ve learnt not to give up at the first hurdle.” 
“[I’ve learnt that] life is what you make it – you can choose to enjoy things or not. That helps you on the out – I know I’m going to have the crappest job going, with a criminal record… Got to start somewhere and it’s what you make of it” 

“Learnt about being part of a team.  There are very few things you can do in prison that give you the chance to work in a team, and now we can”

“It’s been about developing social skills – interacting, accommodating people and their strengths and weaknesses”

“Made me more tolerant, able to see other’s point of view” 

“It’ll help me when talking with my kids and to give them support. Before, if they’d had problems at school I might have blamed the teacher or not bothered. Now I can talk to them about keeping going and finding your own inner peace” 

“I feel really proud of what I’ve done. I was so nervous [about performing today]. I’ve never performed or played an instrument before. {I’ve learnt] I can do anything if I put my mind to it” 

“Good stress reliever – you can bang on these things rather than someone’s jaw”