Support us

Why Good Vibrations?

We’re nimble with few fixed overheads, so your support goes a long way and makes a real difference on the ground – check out our Annual accounts and Team page to find out more.

The benefits to you

  • You will experience first-hand the difference you are making to people’s lives – which is rewarding, and a huge boost to morale
  • It will give you a much deeper insight into the very marginalised groups we are supporting –knowledge which could be interesting, or useful to your career, or business
  • We can introduce you to our large network of business contacts, tell them about the support you are giving and tell them about your business
  • It will demonstrate that you are socially-responsible, and committed to bringing about positive social change

There are many ways you can support us:

Donate or fundraise for us

Like piano teacher, Claire Wilding and her pupils do. Find out more.

Give a gift in kind

Like Geek Guru do. E.g. give us use of your spare meeting room for free, or a unique prize to auction off, or use of your printing facilities in kind.

Offer pro bono support

Like Olivia Landsberg Coaching: we benefit hugely from donated expertise in areas such as human resources, law, strategy, financial management, fundraising, marketing and communications, and business development. Might you even be interested in becoming a trustee?

Volunteer your time

Like Steven, Irene, Elly, Russ, Greg, Hannah, Meenal, Athena, Kevin and many more have done – to enable specific developmental projects to happen and to support our team on the ground. If you’ve been a Good Vibrations participant, you might even want to join our Participant Advisory Group …