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Article about Good Vibrations and women prisoners

October 2010: There’s an article by Laura Caulfield and Professor David Wilson from Birmingham City University in the current Journal of Social Criminology about the impact of Good VIbrations on women prisoners.  Having interviewed women prisoners and prison staff shortly after a Good Vibrations project, they conclude that:

“The project clearly had an impact on these women, providing short-term improvements in coping ability and emotional issues – issues that are particularly significant for women in prison, and statistically associated with risk of reoffending for women. Furthermore, the findings suggest the project may have a positive impact upon women’s levels of self-harming behaviour”  

Although this research was only short-term, the researchers’ view is that:

“Against a background of emerging evidence of the positive impact of arts based project with men in prison, the findings presented here suggest that this project has the potential to have a long-lasting positive effect on women offenders’ attitudes and behaviour and improve coping skills”