Who we work with

People in challenging circumstances

Many of our services focus on supporting people in challenging circumstances with additional needs. For example, we work with:

  • People who have been through trauma or abuse
  • People experiencing mental illness
  • People who are long-term unemployed
  • People convicted on an offence
  • Young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream education
  • People dependent on drugs or alcohol
  • Asylum-seekers, refugees or people who are detained
  • People with physical or learning disabilities

The general public

Some of our courses and events are open to the general public to participate in, and everyone is welcome to be in an audience member at many of our ‘play-throughs’, which are informal concerts.


We support staff teams in workplaces through our team building workshops.

Music leaders

We run training workshops and events for music facilitators and people preparing for community music careers.