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FEAR – and how to manage it

Guest author: Elma Chapman

Fear is our bodies’ language and yet so often we want to shut it up! It is an emotion within ourselves. An emotion in itself is not harmful, therefore why do people so dislike feeling fear, as it can be a warning that we are in danger and need to be aware of it? Almost the word itself conjures up images of frightening things, cowardice, not being good enough – and so on.

If we can try to understand that within us there are past memories of things that truly pained/hurt our inner core, then current events can trigger that wound and we perceive the current moment through that window of pain – so in fact we are not seeing the reality of the current situation, we are feeling a perception of it, based on the untruth and pain of past memory. This can trigger Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).

This sends our inner world into turmoil as it physiologically goes into flight or fright mode and we are in an orbital spin before we know it. And is the Fear real? Is there a tiger to flee from? A fight to be fought?  No – only the demon of emotion within ourselves. So if this happens, what do we do?

First we check in to make sure there is no external real danger! Then we realise we cannot flee from our own body and mind as there is no action to be made – it is an emotion within.  So then view FEAR as (Feel Emotion and Release).

Just sit quietly with your Fear (emotion), it cannot harm you. Breathe deeply into your abdomen and listen within and let it go. It almost sounds so simple. But why not give it a go? You may learn the world is not as fearful as you first thought!


Thought for the Day:

We create fear within ourselves as a language. Be still, decide if it’s reality or not, then choose to Feel Emotion and Release (FEAR). Once you have let go, choose a happy thought in its place by being proud of yourself for having the wisdom to know the difference of what you can change.

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