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Good Vibrations at Work – ‘stress release; bond with coleagues’

On 9th February we supported 15 teachers at a Barnet primary school to develop their creativity, leadership, communication, problem-solving and team-working skills through a Good Vibrations at Work Team-Building Day.


The feedback we got from participants about the day was:

• ‘Stress release; bond with colleagues.’
• ‘Made me think about team work and communication.’
• ‘Great to spend time as a team in a fun way.’
• ‘Enjoyed making music with other staff. Great to sit down and lose myself in the sound.’
• ‘Collaborative, creative, inclusive and non-threatening.’
• ‘Totally different from anything else we do together.’

Their thoughts on Malcolm, our facilitator:

• ‘Brilliant. Very clear and guiding in a safe and fun environment.’
• ‘Enjoyed his passion and enthusiasm.’
• ‘Excellent – really lovely teaching style.’
• ‘A highly motivating person.’

They said it had given them ideas to apply in their work to do with ‘listening and directing’, using ‘different mediums to communicate’ and ‘allowing a group to find its natural creativity without interfering too soon.’

Do get in touch with us (07535 145 797 or katy@good-vibrations.org.uk) if you’d like to find out more about having one of our Good Vibrations at Work days in your workplace.