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Good Vibrations in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation

A 2016 article about Good Vibrations’ impact in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation says: “Perhaps most interesting is the finding that the initial positive changes observed in some individuals seem to prompt continued positive change. Indeed, those men whom we were able to make contact with in the community after their release from prison—most of whom had completed the Good Vibrations project at least 12 months beforehand were still reporting positive attitudinal changes that they suggested were prompted by their initial participation in the project … The results from this research highlight how projects such as Good Vibrations may act as a catalyst for future behavioral change for some individuals.”

Please visit this link for more findings http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10509674.2016.1194943. Or email l.caulfield@bathspa.ac.uk to request a copy of the peer-reviewed research.