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Linda’s story

Linda is a joy to have on our Resonate gamelan project in Glasgow. She first joined in 2016 and is now one of our most committed members.

Playing gamelan for the first time, Linda says, she could finally do something and be appreciated for her ability, not judged for her disability. A long time resident of Glasgow, Linda has a physical disability, some learning difficulties and mental health needs, but despite using a wheelchair, will always take part in activities if she can.

Linda has contributed a lot to Resonate Glasgow, and to Good Vibrations as a whole. She suggested we set up Exploring Performance, an extension group for people like her who really want to improve and work towards public performances. She linked us to The Advisory Group (TAG), who she is an advisor for, a national organisation that promotes inclusion. As a result, Good Vibrations has set up a gamelan project with TAG and two of its partner organisations, Community Lifestyles and KEY Community Support.

In 2019, through Good Vibrations, Linda gained a nationally-recognised Level 1 Music Ensemble Skills OCNL qualification award:

“I’m so happy. I got my OCN certificate today. It’s so cool. That’s made my day. It’s my very first qualification of any kind. It’s absolutely fantastical.”                               

We, in turn, support Linda. We advocated for her to improve her care support and transport. We linked her up with Common Wheel, a group supporting people with mental illness. We told Linda about concerts with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Gamelan Naga Mas so she could hear gamelan played at a professional level, and introduced her to inclusive music ensemble, Sonic Bothy, whose workshop she attended.

This has been one of the biggest benefits for Linda – getting to hear about activities. During Resonate sessions we talk about what’s on, how to get to venues, accessibility, and the type of music it will be. Afterwards we discuss the experience and think about things like the difference between a grand piano and an upright piano, traditional and improvised music.

Linda loves being part of Resonate: “I find it very, very therapeutic and unique because it’s Indonesian music. I love the whole group. They’re so good to me. It’s the only group I’ve been to that has treated me as a person, as a human being, and ignored the wheelchair.

Linda is enthusiastic, a great team player, and an inspiration to those around her. We hope she will carry on being part of Resonate for years to come.

You can see Linda talking about her experience at Resonate Glasgow here: Watch a video

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