Long term support

Keep in Touch Programme

We are deeply committed to supporting our participants, post-course, and endeavour to give former participants the best opportunities within our sphere of expertise and to direct them to further areas of support, beyond our remit.

We support former participants through our Keep in Touch Programme. At the end of each course we ask participants if they want to join this programme, and then we connect with them regularly through e-newsletters:

  • Offering them access to our Bursary Scheme to develop their musical skills
  • Inviting them to join our Participant Advisory Group
  • Reminding them about our Opportunities Database, which recommends further courses, work-related activities, and support
  • Inviting them to take part in further Good Vibrations courses
  • Asking them to reflect back on their Good Vibrations experience, and their journey post-course

Our Opportunities Database

Click here to access our new online Opportunities Database. It’s full of recommended arts courses, work-related activities, and organisations offering specialised support, and we’ve add a simple filter to it, to let you narrow down your search.


We love reconnecting with past-participants and hearing how they are doing. So, if you were on one of our courses, why not get in touch? We’re really happy to give you further one-to-one support, if we can help.

  • Perhaps you’ve got ideas for how we could do things better?
  • Maybe you’d like to find out more about our bursary scheme?
  • Perhaps you’d like to get involved and ‘give back’ to Good Vibrations in some way?

Case Studies

We were delighted to see a past participant, Errol, out and about performing his spoken word pieces at an Open Mic Night in London in 2017 – a year after he created this piece with us https://soundcloud.com/goodvibrations-org/errols-poem.

In this clip, one of our past-participant trainees, Mark is improvising with other gamelan players and dancers at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMl577vW4EE

Daniel came to one of our gamelan courses in Bognor Regis in 2016. A few months later he got in touch to share a remix he’d done of a piece he’d made on the course: https://soundcloud.com/goodvibrations-org/remix-of-bognor-project-cd-by-participant-daniel-mccole