Effective Facilitation Technique Workshops

What are they?

Our Effective Facilitation Techniques Workshops provide an immersive experience. This helps participants appreciate what effective facilitation looks and feels like, and understand first hand the benefits it can bring to individuals and groups. Participants are typically music practitioners and people considering going into careers in community music.

Attendees are taken through a condensed version of our week-long gamelan course. They learn to play a gamelan orchestra as a group of up to 20 people. They play traditional pieces, compose music, improvise and conduct. The day’s experience is recorded on a professionally-produced CD for them to keep.

The reflective discussions between musical activities, listening back to recordings and musical exercises exploring social dynamics are key to the learning.

The workshops cover:

  • Free composition techniques
  • Ideas for facilitating free improvisation
  • Ways to manage and create space
  • Stepping back and letting music happen
  • Directing skills
  • Achieving a balance between all participants
  • Running wordless activities
  • Helping people not over-think
  • Getting people to step out of their comfort zone
  • Demonstrating as opposed to instructing
  • Holding back from judgement
  • Listening
  • Leading
  • Confidence

Feedback on the workshops

A participant on one of our Effective Facilitation Masterclasses at the Royal College of Music in 2017 shares her views on what people get out of playing gamelan music.

Interested in attending a workshop?

Please contact us if you are interested in attending an Effective Facilitation Techniques Workshop. We will let you know where and when the next one will be.

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