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Good Vibrations case study in new book “Interventions in Criminal Justice”

A new book, “Interventions in Criminal Justice”, out shortly, has a chapter by Laura Caufield and Professor David Wilson on the role of arts in prisons.  Good Vibrations is used as a case study.  The rest of the book looks really interesting too…

“This exciting new book brings together the experiences and expertise of a range of practitioners who work within criminal justice and provides a broad and informative account of a variety of intervention techniques. From pharmacological approaches, through the treatment of various specific conditions and on to the use of poetry and art by prisoners, the book offers a series of thought-provoking chapters that will help inform the practice of anyone who works with this vulnerable population.
The book is edited by Peter Jones, a leading figure in the field of working therapeutically with offenders.

Chapter 1: 
Working with offenders with personality disorders
Michael Brookes

Chapter 2: One body, many voices: the complexity of working with a patient with
dissociative identity disorder
Lynn Greenwood

Chapter 3: The role of the arts as an intervention with offenders in prison
Laura Caulfield and David Wilson

Chapter 4: Beautiful sentence: poetry as a therapeutic intervention
Leah Thorn

Chapter 5: The potential of prison health
Lars Møller and Alex Gatherer

Chapter 6: A gender responsive approach to female sex offenders
Sherry Ashfield, Sheila Brotherston and Hilary Eldridge

Chapter 7: Drug treatment and harm reduction in prisons
Heino Stöver

Chapter 8: Suicide, attempted suicide and self-injury in prisons
David Crighton

Chapter 9: The perils and promise of multidisciplinary working
Richard Shuker

Chapter 10: Cognitive behavioural therapy
Euan Hails 

Chapter 11: Working with women who self-harm in prison settings
Julia MS Rose 

Vital information for: Probation officers, social workers, counsellors, psychologists who work within the criminal justice system.”