Host a project

Perhaps you are considering hosting a Good Vibrations project? We are always keen to develop new partnerships, so more organisations and individuals can benefit from our service.

Explore the website to get a sense of our track record, impact and how we could work with you. Then get in touch to tell us more about your organisation, service-users, and why you’re considering a Good Vibrations project.

We’ll answer your questions, and will ask what you hope to get out of working with us, and if there are any issues we can help your organisation to address. We will tell you more about practical considerations, such as costs and space requirements. And, it can often be helpful to see where you’re thinking about running the course.

We will then create a proposal for you and your team to consider; a bespoke solution, designed to suit your service-users and needs best.

What will it cost?

Exact costs will depend on your location, the duration of the project you want, and elements you want to include, e.g. if you want participants to gain nationally-recognised qualifications.

To give you a rough guide, our intensive, week-long projects typically work out as £150-£400 per participant (with us usually working with 15-20 participants at a time).

You can commission us directly to run courses with you, or you can become a project partner on our funding applications to trusts and foundations. With the latter, when we are successful in being awarded a grant, your organisation will only contribute a proportion of overall project costs, with the trust or foundation generously supporting us to cover the remainder.