We work with businesses and workplaces to:

  • Improve staff relationships
  • Boost team morale
  • Raise confidence and motivation levels
  • Develop communication, team-working, creativity and problem-solving skills

Discover more about the team-building days and workshops we offer to businesses and workplaces.

Case study 1

After running a team-building workshop for staff at Her Majesty’s Prisons Inspectorate in 2014, former Chief Inspector of Prisons, Nick Hardwick wrote to us, saying:

“Another great piece of magic from Good Vibrations, and a new group of devoted supporters amongst inspectors. There is something very special about how you mix something creative, enjoyable and so thought-provoking in one event. I know it takes a lot of skill.”

Case Study 2

In 2015, we ran a team-building workshop for teachers at Child’s Hill Primary School in London. Their comments on the experience included:

“Superb! Excellently led and great fun!”

“It felt collaborative, creative, inclusive and non-threatening.
Totally different from anything else we do together.”

“It is good to experience team-work through playing instruments.”

“Stress release; bond with colleagues.”

“Great to spend time as a team in a fun way.”

Case Study 3

In 2017, we ran team-building workshops for staff from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. 72% of the participants completing our feedback forms, said they loved it, and their comments on the experience included:


“I learnt where I see my place in the world and how I relate to others.”

“Interesting, open, experimental and fun.”

“Beautiful to engage with such an instrument.”

“Time to ‘just be’ without any pressure – a new method of communication without ‘having’ to engage directly.”

“Great mix of practical work and talk.  Excellent facilitation.”